Manu's french Pates : FLAVOURS

MANGO CHUTNEY - a piquant pate infused with the essence of india. Original for taste!

COUNTRY PATE - a traditional French pate with a blend of meats and chicken liver flavoured with green peppercorns. no herbs in this pate'!
PHEASANT PATE - an aromatic pate with a hint of oregano. filbert nuts and pistachios.
ASIAGO - a rich flavourful cheese like parmesan
TRIPLE CREME BRIE - a smooth rich and creamy cheese, serves well with red wine.
STILTON - a well-balanced bleue cheese, serves well with red wine.
SMOKED CHEDDAR - a classic cheddare with a smoked flavour.
GOAT CHEESE - if you like goat cheese trying this is a must! The goat flavour is delicate, and it leaves a wonderful after-taste. Serves well with Chiraz.
SWISS EMENTHAL - a semi-hard cheese with a light flavour. Serves well with red wine.
IRISH CHEDDAR - tastes like an Asiago with a touch of sweetness.
GRUYERE - is a cousin of Swiss Emmenthal with a stronger taste (serve it cold).
MED GOUDA - has Sundry Tomatoes, Black Olives, Garlic and Salt. Very nice combination of med flavours!
MANGO PAPAYA - with wesleydale is a dessert cheese with dry mango and papaya. It has a sweet taste.
CRANBERRY CHEESE - with wesleydale is a dessert cheese with dry cranberry that makes it a little tart.
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