Manu's french Pates : HIS STORY

If you worked in downtown Victoria in the last decade, perhaps you saw him as he wove his way through the streets.Emmanuel Piazzon (better known as Manu) arrived in Victoria in 1984 and began loading pastries on his bicycle, quickly establishing fans in offices all over town. Moving on to preservative-free, low- fat pates, which proved easier to transport, he gained an even bigger following. He's no longer a fixture on the downtown scene and many people have assumed he has retired, but I am pleased to tell you that, while the bike may have seen its last days, Manu is still going strong.

Stop at his shop at 3-847 Viewfield Rd. for a traditional French pate with a blend of meats and chicken liver, flavoured with green peppercorns, or piquant pate infused with the essence of India. Aromatic pheasant pate boasts filbert, pistachios and a hint of oregano or, if you prefer meatless spreads, try wild smoked salmon blended with cottage cheese or Manu's vegetarian pate with a sunflower seed base-perfect as a light meal with crusty bread, a selection from his cheese list and a bottle of wine. The pates are also sold in fine stores around town.

Phone 818-7283 (PATE ) for further details.
Times Colonist Food Writer
Victoria, 12 April 2007.

Emmanuel Piazzon, (better known as"Manu") calls himself a 19th century romantic. He is a gypsy who has travelled all over the world and tried many different jobs before arriving in Victoria in 1984, and, in the same year, started his business.

Manu began selling French pastries from baskets on the back of his bicycle, but found that they were too fragile to be transported in such a way, so he began experimenting his patés in his commercial kitchen in Esquimalt until he settled on a version suited for Victorian palates.
Health-conscious Victorians liked his no-preservatives, low-fat patés... it was an instant success!
Manu's French Patés
3-847 Viewfield Rd
V9A 4V2
Victoria BC
Phone :250 818 7283 (818 PATE).